First name: Balázs

Family name: Gróf

Balázs Gróf is a cartoonist and animator, born and working in Hungary, Europe. He graduated at the University of Pécs, Department of Fine Arts. He made animated music videos for American bands like Testament, Obituary, Red Fang and Powerflo and also for the first single off the 2020 album by the legendary Indian violinist L. Shankar, featuring Jonathan Davis of Korn, Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction and many more. North America’s leading hard-rock & metal media Revolver Magazine featured both of his animated music videos made in 2017 on its “15 best music videos of 2017” list, including the videos of artists like Marilyn Manson, Queens Of The Stone Age and Mastodon. Balázs has been one of the most prolific comic strip artists of his country since his first comic was published in 1996. His commissions include animated music videos, animated TV commercials and shorts, viral videos for social media, designs for record and book covers or T-shirts. Balázs also draws portrait caricatures for private customers. The details of order can be checked at the caricatures page.

Chuck Billy of TESTAMENT on working with Balázs Gróf

Billy Graziadei of POWERFLO on working with Balázs Gróf

Donald Tardy of OBITUARY on working with Balázs Gróf

Donald Tardy of OBITUARY on working with Balázs Gróf